cold weather hair

As the season starts to change from autumn to winter so is your hair.  No matter if your hair is relaxed, dyed, natural the change in temperature can dry out your hair.  One thing we do know about our hair is that it needs moisture and that crisp air outside will definitely find a way to snatch it away from your hair.  This is why it is imperative to keep moisturizing your hair or even find new regimens to conserve your hairs moisture.  Finding new moisturizers that promote the cold season is something to look out after.  Even simple things as pre-pooing your hair with your favorite oils can do that also.  Don’t make the winter win, fight for your hair lol.


Don’t go bald!!!

Why go bald when there are products to help you.  Balding is definitely something a lot of people go through, men and women but they can escape it.  Two key products one can use is biotin and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  These two product works well to replace your once lost hair follicles.  In previous posts I’ve mentioned Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the plenty qualities it possesses.  Well now pair it with some biotin pills to get your hair back.


A lot of people associate dandruff with dirt or being dirty.  Now yes your hair can be dirty hence the dandruff but most times its due to one having a dry scalp.  Dry scalp leads to dandruff and if you don’t keep your scalp moisturized it will easily be noticeable.  There are different ways to treat it.  One can change their shampoo, their conditioner, or even their moisturizer to treat their dandruff.

Reserve your edges!!!

Losing hair is no fun and if one can prevent it then why not.  One common hair loss that’s going around is the loss of hair on your temples better known as your edges.  This particular part of your hair can have heavy strain on them from being pulled back into a bun, to braids being pulled to tightly.  A way to prevent the loss of your edges is by not wearing tight buns that often or try to have the braids around your temple a little looser due to the lack of support it holds.  A product that helps grow your edges back if you are already experiencing this problem is apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the area.  Not only does this work to regrow the hair loss in that area but it will work on any area you apply it too and its a great oil to use as moisture.


Often times I hear, what type of Perm should I use? How often? Should I just perm my leave out? (hair being left out from a weave).  Now it comes down to if you perm your own hair or if you go to a salon.  Now it is suggested to do so simply because they would know best but it’s not mandatory.  If you go to the salon they will have you on a specific regimen to maintain the healt of your hair while under chemicals so they know what they’re doing in that aspect.  If you are one to DYI, like myself, you have to see what works for you.  Me personally, when I did perm my hair I would do it every 2 months and used the same perm. ORS Organic Root Stimulator which also has olive oil was the perm I used, the extra strength.

Crochet braids

Just the other day I came across a protective style called Crotchet Braids.  When I tell you this style has versatility and then there’s no hair left out, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t believe me.  This hairstyle starts off with you braiding up your whole head and from there you take a crochet stick and braiding hair to your desire and literally crochet it through the braids.  This style leaves you with the security that your natural hair is protected while still rocking a new do.

To Ombré

The ombré style is definitely popular and probably won’t die down anytime soon, but it’s imperative that it is done correctly.  When ombréing your hair you can either go to the professionals but if you are a DIY type of person like myself then listen up.  You need a developer as well as bleach packets or there are some bleach that comes with the color and bleach mixed in already, it just depends on what your local beauty supply has.  When come time to apply the bleach mixture to your hair you would need to start from the bottom up.  The bottom should be the lightest of the hair.  You apply going up to give the highest part of the hair least bleach to give the actual ombre effect.  To achieve the color faster you can wrap the hair in foil.  Then you let it sit for awhile or until your desired color is reached, then wash it out with your shampoo and conditioner. Whala your ombré is complete.

Jamaican Castor Oil

Im not too sure if you guys heard about this amazing product but it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Jamaican Castor Oil has so many benefits like improve hair growth and strength and build back elasticity. Not only does it work well with hair but it’s also know to improve your skin.  By just massaging it on an effected spot that was caused by hair loss or even acne you can count on improvements rapidly!! This is definitely a product that every hair type should have.

Protective hairstyles

So what are Protective Hairstyles?  To make it short and sweet, protective hairstyles are a way to pretty much protect your hair.  Simple enough right.  These various hairstyles will lead your hair to strength, growth and easy to manage.  Sometimes you don’t want to do your hair.  Trust I definitely know the feeling, so why not put it in a style that you can 1. Rock for days and 2. Not have to deal with it.  This is a go to when you are on the go and have a busy week ahead and they’re so easy you can do them yourself!!  Hope this reaches you my hair darlings

Get your leave in conditioners

The best thing to do to your hair after you wash and condition your hair is to apply the best leave in conditioner!!!!  Now I know we just talked about deep conditioning but this is definitely something you would want to do as well.  One leave in conditioner that has great reviews and also has done wonders on my hair is Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner.  This product does exactly what it needs to when it needs to.  If you are in search of a new leave in conditioner or just a new product to play with be sure to pick this one up, for sure.  Safe hair chronicles ladies!!!